Flexible Gift Cards

Your customers and staff choose their favorite watches

Having a hard time choosing which model and color on the watch your company wants to give away? Make it easy for you and order our convenient gift cards instead. Your customers and staff can then choose in peace and quiet for themselves. The watches are delivered directly home to the happily chosen ones!

Instead of giving away a physical watch, your company can give away a self-designed gift card in your graphic profile and with a design that suits the purpose. You choose the value of the gift cards yourself and which of our brands and web stores it will apply to. Each card is printed with its own unique code and we will invoice you, with the agreed discount, only for the amount redeemed. With a determined period of validity, you do not risk any late costs, and we will take care of the distribution.

Many of our watches fall under the Swedish Tax Agency's limit for "gift" and "anniversary gift", contact us for more information.

5 easy steps to create your gift cards:

  1. Quantity – How many gift cards do you need?

  2. Value – What amount should each gift card be charged with?

  3. Period of validity – For how long is the gift card valid?

  4. Special - Would you like to add something more to the package, such as a greeting to the recipient?

  5. Codes - We design and print your gift cards, or we will send you only the codes digitally (for example, if you want to send an email with these)


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