Time for Your Brand

Choose from our existing watch collections, with optional customized packaging.

Your brand's logo and profile implemented in one of our existing watch models.

Completely unique watch design, a stylish and powerful extension of your brand.

Reference – Toblerone

Toblerone is one of Switzerland’s largest and oldest chocolate brands, well known globally. For the company Mondelez we conducted a campaign customized for Toblerone in Australia with focus on a number of selected airports. The theme of the campaign was “Out Of The Blue”. The watch used in the campaign was a Turquoise Lambretta Cielo which was put in a customized Toblerone packaging according to our concept Original Design.

Reference – Billerud

Billerud, a pulp and paper manufacturer with Swedish history and tradition of high quality processing. After looking at some different options, it resulted in one watch design for ladies, and one for gents, which were designed in Billerud's profile. The alternative we used was according to our concept Brand Design.

Reference – Mazda

Mazda, one of the world's largest car manufacturers, is well-known brand with high quality standards. Prior to launching Mazda 6 on the Swedish market, the company wanted to create an action marketing concept in line with the launch campaign. The watch was designed with a special Mazda Sky Active dial, engraved case back, as well as a customized packaging. A perfect result, highly appreciated by customers and employees. The concept we used was according to our Brand Design.

Reference – Harrys

Harrys, one of Sweden's most expansive pub chains and sports bars. The customer turned to us with the desire of creating something very special for their management team, as well as to sell in their merchandise shops. Our design team carefully took on the mission. The result became a unique timepiece with a customized gift box according to our concept Custom Design.

Reference – Jägermeister

Jägermeister, one of the major liquor companies who work globally. Our mission consisted in making a unique timepiece, in genuine Jägermeister spirit, for the bartenders to wear all around the world. Everything nicely packaged in a special gift box. The concept we used was according to our Custom Design.

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